Are you hiring

high performers?

Our video games reveal which candidates will perform well on the job.
No more guesswork based on resumes alone.

how it works

how it works

Once your company’s benchmark is set based on current employee game play results,
here is how fits into your existing hiring process.

1. Advertise job

2. Candidates play video game(s)
when applying

3. See their on-the-job abilities,
so you know who to interview

4. Hold interviews

5. Hire high performers

Working with us works with your existing Applicant Tracking System or ATS. So you can see candidates’ on-the-job competencies alongside all their other information. Good news if you’re using Taleo, our first client integration is complete. If you’re using the Indivizo ATS, or would like to, we are already built in — no integration needed. More ATS integrations are in the works.

our games


Assesses cognitive‑style,
and work‑style

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Measures learning capability,
analytical thinking,
and flexibility

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Focuses on working memory,
executive attention,
and task switching

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coming soon

We are expanding
our list of games to help you
find the perfect candidates

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about is devoted to helping companies hire high-performers in less time by identifying on-the-job abilities of candidates prior to an interview. We use video games that are fun and challenging to play. Then we analyse the way candidates play the game(s) to see which on-the-job abilities they possess. Companies can immediately see which candidates would likely be high-performers. We work with companies every step of the way to make sure they are getting a solution that streamlines their hiring process.

frequently asked questions

How does it work? fits into your existing hiring process, generally on the pre-screening and selection level.

  • Candidates play games right after applying for a specific position...
  • ...Their on-the-job abilities are automatically revealed in a report and candidates are shortlisted based on similarity to the benchmark profile.

How do I integrate

There are two main ways of integration:

  •, standing alone, can be easily integrated through its own API. If you are using – or planning to use – Indivizo, the API is already integrated into your ATS.

Where do you recommend using it in the hiring process? fits flexibly into these two main use cases:

  1. In the pre-screening part of your acquisition funnel as one of the first stages in the hiring process. (We recommend using the solution with as many candidates as possible, so you don’t miss out on potentially high-performers.)
  2. In the selection level of your hiring process, if you’ve already created a shortlist and have a few people to choose from. With you can identify candidates who share the behavior of your high-performing employees.

What do I get as result?

  • Insights of the candidates’ on-the-job abilities before interview, which can help you prioritize your time.
  • A short, easy-to-read report of your candidates. This includes the ‘profile fit score’ which tells you in a quick shorthand how recommended a candidate is.
  • A shortlist that shows candidates ranked based on the similarity to your high-performing employees.

Getting Started – does require an ATS platform switch?

Generally, no. You won’t have to switch to a different ATS platform.

  • comes as an add-on to your existing ATS.
  • If you don’t have an ATS or would be open to switching to a new one, also comes on top of an applicant tracking system with built-in video interview feature to help you further reduce time and cost-to-hire.

What is the pricing?

Our goal is to save you money and get better results in your recruiting. We tailor our pricing to the needs of your company.

Please contact us for a personalized quote.